Allow the name to be preserved when a group is made into a frame via Ctrl+Alt+G

Right now when I select a group and use the “frame selection” shortcut, it renames the frame to an arbitrary name like Frame 40. However when I select a group and use the drop down menu on the right pane to change it to a frame, the name of the group is carried over to the frame. I would like this to be the case also when I use the frame selection shortcut.

Good idea. But how will the app know which Frame should it preserve the name when there are multiple layers and each of them have a unique name? Should it be the layer on top, or combine the frame names of all of them.

In that particular case it could just do with an arbitrary name. I was mainly referring to situations where the name is not carried over to the frame when it is converted from a group via Ctrl+Alt+G.