Allow Multiple File Ownership

Suppose I own a file but I want to change/hand over the file to my teammate which I can not do by myself. The other teammate who is going to access has difficulty for those files after removing the email id from which the file has been created.

The idea is that the actual file owner should have access/option to change the ownership of the file so that it can be easily accessible to other teammates. Or there can be multiple owners of the file (Max 2-3).

Please have a look at the statement mentioned.

Thank you!


Hey @Shreyash_Barot, thanks for the feedback!

Just to clarify, if you are the owner, you can transfer ownership of any file to another collaborator. This could be someone on your team, or an external collaborator, if you’re working in your drafts.

More info here:

But as you’ve mentioned, there can only be one file owner, so we’ll pass this request onto our team for consideration.

Hi. Has there been any progress on this issue? I work at a large firm and we’ve had instances where the file owner leaves the company and then that file becomes inaccessible to everyone else in the firm. I know they could transfer ownership, however, most owners have dozens if not hundreds of files and if someone leaves the company they may not have time to go over each file they own and transfer. Most people don’t even know they have to do this. It’s becoming a huge issue. Are there any alternatives to ensure everyone continues to have access to any files that a former employee used to own before they were deleted from the system?


Hey @guillo, thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto the team for future consideration. Be sure to also Vote up top! :point_up:

Our team uses votes to gauge overall interest, and since we haven’t had any votes so far, this hasn’t been prioritized.

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Agreed, and for the same reasons. I would like to see multiple file owners and organization-owned files.

We now have files that are owned by a former employee and the only way I know to transfer them is to export and import. (Surprisingly, duplicating a file preserves ownership.)