Allow multi-edit selection of matching layers within the same frame

As demonstrated in the video, I am unable to use “select matching layer” within the same frame.


I am also doing everything as you have on the video and also cannot get it working… Hope to see answer here.


same problem here, it appears to be working if in the same section, but that’s not so useful… we love frames!


OMG, I didn’t even know sections existed… shame on me :upside_down_face:

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@daken @Luigi_Chelli guys, I think it’s because you’re looking for matching layers inside the same frame. But the feature works so that you select matching layers that are sitting in separate frames. It works in sections as well, but also without a section. Hope this helps:

Oh, yeah @daken makes it happen when he ungroups the frames.

Well, i just got that i can find and choose same layers in different frames…but cant do this in one frame if there is a lot of same instances… are you crazy? why did you that this way? its cringe

At first you made instances, but dont give the opportunity to change X-Y values, if instance is nested in another instance, but be able to change color, text, etc.
Now you made multiediting but not for instances inside one frame, but do this only for different frames… why don’t you just finish what you started?

Made already changing values for instances and multiediting for them inside one frame… I need to use interactive variants for making interactions beetween states, i dont want to work with states with the way of many frames and many same interactions beetween same layers. And please, consider when you create a new update how it will work with the other functions you have implemented. Do you understand how long its take to work without variants?

I need to find instances of master in frame what i choose, not only for those frames that i didn’t highlight


Hey All, thanks for the feedback!

@Darko_Atanasov is correct. We’ve shared this topic with the multi-edit team, and they confirmed that we don’t plan to allow selection of matching layers within the same frame anytime soon.

You can still select matching layers that are sitting in separate frames or using sections.

Being able to select matching layers within the same frame is EXTREMELY useful for editing design systems. For example, if I want to edit hundreds of button styles simultaneously, I can’t do that because they’re all likely framed together. This is a huge oversight by the Figma team.


@dvaliao @Figma_Support We’re not asking you to allow multi-edit within the same frame. We’re asking to allow SELECT MATCHING LAYERS within the same frame.

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Hey @Enemy & @rkpoch, thanks for the additional feedback!

I’ve updated my previous reply for clarity and passed your additional feedback to the team.

I hear you and wish that there was more I could do. But while the team expresses that this is valuable feedback that shows how much you love the new feature, I want to be completely honest and transparent about the multi-edit team’s current priorities.

I’ve updated this topic into a feature request. Feel free to vote up top so we can gauge overall interest in the community and vouch for its future prioritization.

What a disappointing and consequential decision. Selecting all matching layers within a frame was infinitely more useful in many workflows.


Do ya’ll have any workflow recommendations since I can’t select matching layers within the same frame for working on complex/large tables? It would be very helpful to be able to select all matching layers within a single frame and edit them simultaneously.

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