AEUX Plugin error: TypeError

Hi folks,

Just started using Auex with Figma and ran into Plugin Error: TypeError: cannot read property “name” of undefined.

Any thoughts on how to rectify this?

Hey Kath! This is a fairly common JS error and occurs when your code says something like when kathIsCool is undefined.

I’d look in your code for where you are using .name on something and try and figure out why that something is undefined.

I’ll also add, if you aren’t writing plugin code but using someone else’s plugin, this is a bug in the plugin code and might be something you should bring to the plugin author’s attention. I didn’t see any plugins named “aeux” in the community, so I assumed you were writing the code.


Thank you for your explanation!


What does this mean to someone who just want to export from Figma to AE. I am a motion designer who does not code.