Advanced prototyping transitions with "set variables" / condition

Hello, Still exploring the new advanced prototyping features.

When you transition from variation to the other via a “set variable” or a conditional, is it currently possible to e.g. smart animate or tweak the transitions?

I didn’t find it.



Not sure if this is what you’re trying to do but, AFAIK, when you change variants via “set variable,” Figma will look for default transitions within the interactions. If you’re trying to, for example, scroll to different photos in a carousel, just set up the desired transition in the main component.


Hope this helps…

Hey Andre,

good approach but it doesn’t work.

Background to my project: it’s just a fun project to explore the new features. Basically I can increase / decrease the hours of the day via a button which will change the trajectory of sun/moon as well as the background gradient.

As for the new features, I bind the hour to a specific trajectory frame and background (of which I have 24 each). I even added transition within the component, but it’s not respected when I change the variant via set component.

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Dont use “On click” when setting up the interaction between the “Body Movement” variants. It will be overriden by the main interaction.
Use an unused transition like “Key Gamepad”. You dont need to enter a key