Adobe XD had a "Viewport" Figma does have it?

Hello Everyone, coming from Adobe XD and the problem I’m having is the prototype preview, in adobe XD i was able to set the viewport height of the prototype, in Figma I can’t find such option, any idea?

I just want to have the prototype height setted correctly.

Thanks a lot!

Hello @Aryan_Shirani_Bid_Abadi

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It’s Figma for god sake, Of course it does

Go to prototype tab hit device set custom size and choose desired PX.

If nothing is set it will adopt the size of the frame.

You can also have clip content of frames and make vertical scroll if you don’t want to choose the size of prototype.

It really depends on how you want your designs to be, Figma gives you options

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Amazing, thanks a lot for this :smiley: very helpful!

I dont see device on my prototype tab…

Hey @Chinelo_Onuoha,

Be sure you have the Frame tool selected or use the F shortcut to see the device options.

Hello, is it possible to choose different viewport options on the same Figma file? Since i’m including on the same page both desktop and mobile options!

Hey @Antonis_Christopoulos, this isn’t possible, but it’s already on our radar for the future. Feel free to add your feedback for the team and vote here:

Is there any insight on when Figma will fix the viewport height where you can set it similar to Adobe XD? Currently all the fixes and solutions to make this possible are “hacky” and not the best when it comes to usability. Having to use clip content and let the content you want to scroll outside the frame to create the scrolling effect in prototype mode is not a very elegant solution. I am sure, the developer team at Figma could implement a viewport height similar to adobe xd and let us extent the frame and have all the elements in view. :nerd_face:

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A nice solution of the missing viewport on Figma for designing and prototyping by @JoeGarner. Check here:

[Solved: How to set view port height in prototype mode (like in Adobe XD)](https://Solved: How to set view port height in prototype mode (like in Adobe XD))