Administrative Feature - Allow administrators to modify user's display names + create groups of users

In a company with loads of users, it could be nice for the amdinistrator to rename each members because sometimes when they join team they use a nick name, or an other way to write their name.

It could be nice to create group of users, like all gest, and/or with their company email to see quickly their role and maybe define role for a group of user (especially if multiple users of an other company have to be in our organisation)

@Wylliam1 Hi! Can you clarify more about your second request regarding groups? I’m not quite sure I understood what you’re looking for – are you looking to be able to:

-See a list of all guest editors in your organization
-Organize those guests into customized groups
-Be able to set permissions to said customized groups?

I also modified your topic title to be a bit more clear.