Adjust Letter Spacing Shortcut doesn't work

Adjust Letter Spacing Shortcut doesn’t work. Even when I press the shortcut, it isn’t enabled.

Any ideas?


Hi @AresVentures I’ve tested this on my end in both the browser and desktop app was was able to use the keyboard shortcut. If you are seeing this issue in the browser can you check to see if you have any browser extensions enabled which might conflict? Also maybe check to see if you have any other programs which use the same keyboard shortcut running.

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I’m having the same issue.
Were you able to fix it?
Thank you in advance.

Hey @Sandra_SF,

Have you tried Ryan’s suggestions above yet? :point_up_2:

Hi all,

Apologies if this has been answered before - quite new here and done some trawling but can’t seem to find a solution for my problem.

I’m unable to use the Adjust letter spacing keyboard shortcut among some of the other text shortcuts - I assumed this might’ve had to do with clashing shortcuts within Google Chrome, so I’ve swapped to the desktop app. Still not working. I assume the desktop app is still web based or something?

I’ve tried different physical keyboards as well and still had no luck - is there a solution anywhere for this? I’m on Windows 11, all drivers are up to date.

Thanks heaps!

Hey @Avi6 – is it possible there’s actually a different app you’re running that’s causing issues with your shortcuts? I’m thinking you may have something running (possibly in the background) that is causing these issues.

Just to cover all bases, what keyboard layout do you currently use?

heya, thanks for the reply - i’m using a standard ANSI keyboard layout if that helps? i’m not sure about the background processes since the same shortcuts work fine in Adobe apps - unless it has something specific to do with web based software? thanks!

Ty! Gonna ask the support team about this – you mentioned it works in Adobe: do you have Adobe open at the same as Figma? Thinking not, but grabbing any bit of info I can hand over.

all good, totally understand! i don’t have it open at the time of issue and also tried closing everything else, even looked through background processes too! hope that helps