Adding Texture/Blur To Text

Hi Figma Community!

New user here primarily using Figma for graphics for social, posters, etc.

I’ve been playing around with the program, and I’m having trouble getting my designs to feel less “flat.” For example, I very quickly drafted up this Instagram post [Image 1] and it just feels like it’s missing something. I used the Beauty Bar Post as inspiration and noticed it has a bit of a blur/texture that I’m not sure how to emulate this.

Apologies if this is something painfully obvious. I’m learning as I go.

Thanks everyone!

Hi @Bradley4

You can add a Layer Blur Effect to any element in Figma, and then play with the blur intensity to achieve an imprecise print effect.
This option is at the bottom of the design (right) panel, as shown below

Let me know if it helped!