Add the "Open in App button" when hardware acceleration is not available

I use chrome and because of a bug in another application I had to disable hardware acceleration for the browser, however, I can still use Figma on the app everytime I need to, except when I get a link. When I get a link, it goes to the browser and shows me a message that says that the hardware acceleration is off, and stops there.
I would love to have a button below to open the same link in the App, since that what I actually want to do.

@damian.vicino did you set up the open in desktop process before turning off hardware acceleration?

I got no idea, I’m not an everyday user, I mostly access to review and comment on things from others when they share it.

Got it. If you’re able to turn it back on temporarily you should be able to check this setting to open links in the desktop app:

Once set up, you should be able to turn off hardware acceleration again. Let me know if this works!

Oh also, less ideal but we do have an option to open a file url from your clipboard:

Nice, that works, thanks. However, I think that still worth to add a button below the message “you cannot open without hw acceleration” to point to the desktop app.