Add Sentence case

It would be great if Figma also had Sentence case as Letter Case style! This is extremely useful especially for people outside the US. It would be as simple as just capitalizing the first letter of each period.


they do! see pic.

The only options under letter case is “Uppercase”, “Lowercase”, “Title case” and “Small case”. No option for “Sentence case”

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If they did that, wouldn’t you constantly be checking their work to ensure they didn’t de-capitalize any proper nouns, acronyms, etc?

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I too would find this useful

To meet our style guide requirement, we definitely would benefit from having Sentence case–only the first letter in the text box is capitalized–as an option. We’d be able to set it for the component, enforcing it by default. For proper nouns and/or acronyms, we would override using “As typed”. I spend a lot of time correcting labels in designs.

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I agree with this, should have an option to set initial uppercase, just like the one in css

Me needing it brought me to this thread. CTAs for particular brands within the company require sentence case, not Title Case where I get Continue With Checkout or Add A Product. I’d also like to understand the rationale of not having on the first build.

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I also need that/ :heavy_plus_sign:

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Hey All, thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto the team for future consideration. In the meantime, there are plugins in the community that may help.

Here’s an example:

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