Add: multi-line text line height settings; Optimizing Local Variables in Design

The settings for line height and paragraph spacing. These features are very effective for single-line text editing but can be inadequate when dealing with multi-line texts, especially in the design of documents or user interfaces. This is particularly true for scenarios that require fine-tuning line heights for multiple lines of text.

I suggest that the Figma team consider adding a ‘Multi-line Text Line Height Setting’ feature. This would allow users to set line heights individually for multi-line texts, thus providing greater customization and flexibility.

As it stands now, the font variable seems clunky

Hey @Mirror, thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto our team for future consideration.

Hey @dvaliao Thank you very much for your response! Regarding the local variable function module, I have a suggestion:

When designing fundamental color values or other non-public parameters, optimize the Color (Number) scoping settings for variable values. Simplifying the process in this way will effectively enhance our work efficiency. Such adjustments will help us complete design tasks more efficiently.