Add more programming languages to the Code Block snippet (Java, C#, PHP, etc)

Hey there. Would it be possible to add C# support to the new codeblock thingy? Was a bit sad to see that it was not there when preparing for a C# programmer interview.


What ?! it’s pretty incredible to have C++ but not C# nor Java nor PHP :wink:

Actually it doesn’t seem to change color syntax when you switch syntax am I wrong ?

I hope add Dart language to Code block

Hi, the code block is a nice feature. However, I think that there should also be supported Java syntax. Whatever it is, Java is one of the most popular programming languages.

We are trying use figjam & figma to explain the relationship between the UI and the API request & response. It works great. But, we still need more language supports:

  • yaml: our dynamic configurations are using yaml. it’s quite long, and it’s unreadable without showing spaces and correct highlighting.
  • MarkDown: a famous document language.

ten symbols

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