Add markup support for string variables

Using string variables as a “CMS” across multiple teams is great to achieve consistency in ux writing/labels etc.

If only it was possible to use markup within the variables. Because sometimes i run into a textbox where I want to format part of the string as bold, italic, underline … the usual suspects. With the way string variables are currently set up I can not cover this case with them. Hence, it wold be great if some kind of markup support was added.

Marry Christmas ;]

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You may want to checkout in the meantime :wink: it does support inline formatting for text layers . I can’t use variables to store but your data won’t leave the Figma file!

Thanks for the feedback!

We’ll pass this onto the Variables team for future consideration.

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looks nice. though i would like to have it baked in and not start putting all that data into another tool. though if the Figma team decided to allow importing data to variables > that would work. seems i need to write another demand :]

Agreed, and not just for text that might need to be bold, italic, etc. It would be really useful to be able to have a block of text and have a variable inline within the text instead of requiring the entire block of text to be the variable.

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100% that is another wish on my list > nested string variables.

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