Add child in between, instead of adding as sibling to the next element

If I click on ‘add child’ on ‘Lorem Ipsum’, I expect it to be in between ‘Lorem Ipsum’ and ‘Amet’ as ‘Dolor Sit’. But instead, it adds as a sibling to ‘Amet’. It would be better to have two different options, the current ‘add child’ and ‘add in between’.

Significance? - Imagine there are 50+ items next to ‘Amet’

Note: This is from Mind Map widget

Hi Abhishek_J!
Thanks for sharing your feedback to the community! As the widget is created by community members and not Figma, I’d also recommend you to contact the widget’s owner directly by giving them feedback under the widget.

In order to find his details, you can also find directly in your FigJam file, search for your Widget > click on “See more details in Community”, then you will be redirect to the Widget link. Thank you!

I think the one I’m talking about is from Figma itself.

The Mindmap from Carter looks like this (under ‘widgets’) -

while Mindmap from Figma looks like this (under ‘more’) -


Wait, I didn’t know you could unlink and relink the text. This solved the problem.