Add an element to instances with autolayout


I wanted to know if it’s possible to add a 5th element to an instance of a component that had 4 elements with auto layout.

I have created a component that has 4 fields, and I want to reuse it somewhere else, but I need 5 fields. Is it possible?

Unfortunately this isn’t possible in terms of just dragging an additional element in since you cannot add elements to any instance, but there are some work-arounds you can use. For example you can make the original component have way more elements than you need like 10 of them and then in each instance you can hide (just select and hit delete) the additional elements you don’t need to get to the number you want.

Another option is to create a “component slot” element as described here: Building flexible components using the "slot" method - YouTube

These solutions are pretty clunky but is what is available in Figma for now.