Add a “favorite fonts” tab or a “recently used fonts” tab

Favourite fonts will be shown on top of the list, while the rest of it will be shown below the favourite list. We should also be able to remove and add while viewing the fonts on the font list.

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It would be nice to have a tab that displays favorite fonts for easier access and this would also make it easy to be able to keep a library of fonts for convenient use.


This will really be a nice feature to have in Figma

Interesting suggestion

Apart from “google fonts” “popular fonts” have one option for Favourite fonts as well in the same section… it will become much easier to select our daily used fonts.

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Please add the ability to Figma to add a font to favorites so that it can be found quickly!

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Please add an option to mark fonts as favourite and access them later.

It can be given where we currently show popular , google fonts.


As there are many typefaces in Figma . I would really like if we can star the typeface so that we can remember which font we liked or create our own favourite typeface category

The best way to handle this would be the way that Adobe’s font menu works. It pushes up “recently used” fonts to the top of the dropdown list. This should prioritize fonts that are in the document in addition to ones that are frequently used. (Plus, it lets users quickly see if they have unwanted fonts in their doc.) Users could have the ability to turn on and off this “recently used” feature in the view settings.

Bonus Feature, but much less necessary after that IMO, would be the ability to “favorite” fonts. Adobe also enables this with stars in the dropdown menu.