Accessible prototype and accessibility mode

I’m trying to use the new accessibility mode to run a test in Fable with blind users. I was hoping that the prototype would work with VoiceOver screen readers the same way an HTML page does. So far i can tab and select interactive elements and VoiceOver reads the text label but I need the SR to read the text as well, headings, paragraphs etc. I would have thought this would be a feature even in Beta but it doesn’t seem that’s the case. Am i doing it wrong?

It’s possible that the accessibility mode in Fable is still in its early stages and not fully functional with screen readers such as VoiceOver. The best way to check if you’re doing it correctly would be to consult the Fable documentation or reach out to their support team to see if they have any tips or recommendations on using the accessibility mode with screen readers. Additionally, you could also try testing with other screen readers to see if you have similar results, and gather feedback from blind users to understand their experiences.

Thanks for your reply, Yeh I’m probably going to reach out to the support team, I was just keen to talk to other people who might have experienced something similar.