Absolute positioned, constrained item inside auto layout frame doesn't move with parent

Child is absolute, constrained with bottom/right.

If the parent frame has fixed height/width, the child moves as expected. If the parent has dynamic height/width (e.g. fill/hug) the child doesn’t move.

Any ideas?

Parent: https://puu.sh/K0LmA/8ef71f39b4.png
Child: https://puu.sh/K0Lmn/9ad1fbf448.png

Result (dynamic parent): https://puu.sh/K0Lmq/a107393cb1.png
Result (fixed height): https://puu.sh/K0Lmw/8a98976842.png

Hi, Alex.

It seems to work fine with me. Please make sure that the parent-frame’s height is correct because the absolute element will only follow its relative parent-frame.

There’s also the tendency of your absolute-element in another absolute element inside, or in a fixed wrapper inside your frame.