Ability to see if file has branches in search results

Hey hey!
Sometimes me and my team works on branches. This is fine if you know where you are looking in specific team / project however that’s not the case when searching.
The file “card” doesn’t show if the file has branches in the search results.

I guess my ask would be to add same interface I can see within a project when I hover over a file to search results file as well.

Many love! <3


It would be nice if we could search for specific branches. Our team uses JIRA ticket numbers along with file/component specific naming to name our branches to keep them somewhat tidy. It takes time to scroll through all the branches or remember who worked on a specific branch and being able to search would reduce the time to find a branch. For context: Our company’s design system library currently has 30+ branches open.

Hello there, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on searching for branches. I appreciate the importance of making branch searches easier. Also, thanks for explaining the specific situation!

We think this idea would be beneficial for other community members too. We are excited to hear the opinions of other community members.

Please feel free to vote for this idea!


Here’s another use case for branch search:
I usually open files via the new tab search bc it’s the quickest way with the ton of files we have in our team. Having to open the file first and then open the branch that the ongoing work is in is really tedious and a lot of file-loading overhead. It would be absolutely amazing to open the branch directly from the search!


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