Ability to paste image from clipboard as fill for frames

I would like to be able to paste an image from clipboard via shortcut (ctrl+v) as frame-fill without the need of any plugin like Paste-to-Fill. For rectangles and other shapes this is already working but not for frames. Since the handy “fixed aspect ratio” components are using frames that’s currently not possible.

I can’t be the only one who’s missing this feature. Am I?

This already works for me. Have been able to do this for as long as I remember.

Could it be a bug on your end?
What system do you use?
Browser or desktop version?

Hi Klesus. Thank you for your response. What’s the shortcut? Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V inserts the image as it’s own new objekt but I would like to change the image fill of one of my components.

I’m using the windows app.

I saw closed threads and there are also plugins regarding this so I thought that it’s really not possible out of the box yet.

Yes, Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V inserts images as fill from the clipboard.

Like this:

You should file a bug report if it doesn’t work for you.

Currently I am not at my computer to look further into it but does that also work for components that already have an image as fill?

Thanks for your effort.

Yes, it should replace the previous fill.

Hey guys, I have looked into it and you are right it’s working with rectangles and also when they are components but unfortunately it’s not working with frames. Since I’m using the “fixed aspect ratio” components it’s not working for me.

I’ve updated my initial feature request.

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