Ability to edit variables from Prototyping panel - Ability to edit variables without deselecting

When I am working on a prototype with the prototyping panel active, I often find I want / need to edit an existing variable.

I know there is an ability to add new variables from the Interactions Overlay, but there is no way to edit without going through the tedious process of;

  1. Switching back to the design view.
  2. Unselecting anything that is selected
  3. Often need to scroll up to the Local Variable settings link
  4. Open the variables overlay
  5. Switch to the collection I need
  6. Make any changes (and then optionally closing the Variable overlay)
  7. Switch back to the Prototyping view
  8. Reselect what I was working on and then reinvoke the interaction overlay

Even when in design view, I wish there was a way to open the variables panel without deselecting objects.

I also find that I need to assign a variable to either variant proprties and/or layer properties in the design view. Which means switching back to the design view.

Basically, I would like everything needed to edit prototypes in the prototyping view, but at the very minimum I would like to open the Local Variables overlay without having to deselect objects.


Thanks tank666 — Yes, using the quick actions works.

I also added a MacOS keyboard shortcut, which has also worked for some other menu commands. So this is fine.