3-4 level side navigation


Do you know any tutorial where you can learn how to create a 3-4 level side navigation menu?

Hi, Aph.

Is it possible for you to tell me more what you are trying to do? I’m quite familiar with prototyping techniques. Maybe I can help you. If you can provide a simple storyboard, much better.

Thank you.

[Edit] I want to confirm though if this is about prototyping a 3-4 level side menu.

What I’m talking about is a 3-4 level side menu, something like the screenshot below

Hi, Aph.

May I know if this is about prototyping the nav or are we talking about how to design the nav?

prototyping the nav

Hi, Aph.

I am not entirely sure how your design library goes. But, you can do multiple levels of nav by doing multiple types of change to between variants.

  1. Change to from Main Menu open to close.
  2. Change to from submenu open to close.
  3. Change to from subsubmenu open to close.
  4. (so on…)

Using this logic, you can create multiple layers of nested dropdowns in 1 menu.

Here is the file that you can take a note of how I did it.

Menu Animation - 3 layer menu nav.fig (32.3 KB)

Here is video of that prototype.

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Thanks, that’s what I meant, I wasn’t know how to nested level 3 :slight_smile:

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