Windows cannot access custom font

Newbie. How can I select other fonts ? Is this a restriction on the free account ?

Default font selection seems to be 4 fonts in the Text, Typeface drop down menu.
I have a free Figma account on windows 10 PC, with both the desktop version downloaded and chrome as browser. Multiple fonts installed locally. Focussing on desktop 1st, as that should be simplest. I have rebooted a couple of times. My understanding is the fonts are just available.

All help appreciated.

@James_Beatty Just to cover all bases, have you installed our font agent and tried to get your local fonts working that way?

See here:

Let me know if you’ve done that and still have trouble.

Newbie mistake. Solved. Not at pc now, but I think there is an option to create new document/design on the left, and then less obviously another create button (fig jam maybe) on the right. I was using wrong file type. Needs FigJam.

It’s early days, but I find myself fighting the interface. For me, Not as intuitive as word or Canva. Many of the support videos are Mac orientated. At least it’s not as unintuitive as adobe illustrator which I have started using as well. There is something wrong with products ,If I have to watch you tube videos just to write some text and move it around. I will give Figma a go, but I am increasingly asking myself why I don’t just use Canva. Hopefully this was just a blip.

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