Will library usage analytics be provided for variables and modes?

Does Figma plan on providing the ability to see usage analytics for variables and variable modes?

Currently you can see the usage data for components across downstream files, like how many insertions there have been, when they were inserted, and in which file, etc. However, it appears that you cannot see what variables or variable modes are being used across files. (I could be just not seeing it. It also appears that no one has asked this question yet.)

This is important for my team since we currently have 2 separate design system libraries for standard and high density modes (based on design tokens).

Clearly, the idea of consolidating those libraries into one via the implementation of variable modes is highly enticing, as we would have to maintain only one library instead of two, and it would create greater synchronicity with the design tokens in our code base.

The potential downside to this is that we would no longer be able to see distinct usage analytics for each density mode. Unless, of course, Figma intends to provide usage analytics for modes.

Is there a plan to provide this feature? Or is it already being provided and Iā€™m just not seeing it? Thank you in advance!



We are trying to consolidate our variables and need to understand the impact of removing them and/or replacing them.