Why do viewer accounts have access to add dev resource links?

I noticed this yesterday. Our design system team uses branches to merge in work to our main file. Only a few members of the team have editor access. I am not one of them.

I tried to add dev resource links while in a branch and merge those in. Oddly that plus button in dev mode is not available when in a branch.

We went forward with the merge instead by using the description to save the link to the components.

What I then noticed was when I went back to main, without having edit access, I was able to add dev resource links in dev mode there.

It might be just me, but if we don’t want people to edit the main file or components, do we want them to be able to edit the dev mode resources too?

I verified with a design team member who is not on the systems team in our org and it’s the same thing. Those editor seats who only have view edit access to a file has the ability to add whatever links they want.


Hi there,

Thanks for the question. I’m asking internally about this and will get back to you when I have anything I can share with you soon.


Hi @Darian_Rosebrook1 thanks for waiting. As I checked with our internal team, they looked into it and are asking for a few more details, so please let me DM you shortly. Thanks!