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What's With the Starter Plan Limited Pages?

This figma documentation page says that it is “Unlimited Pages”. It is shown in the table on that page…

But you can see that I am getting a prompt that showing there is a page limit…

What am I missing here? Is this a mistake?

The same thing is with projects too. Limited to 3 projects?

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Hi Jake! The main word you missed from the article is this one:


This table is talking about files in the Drafts folder. Your file is placed in the project in a Starter team, so you won’t have unlimited pages there.

The new Starter plan teams are limited to 1 Project (folder for files) and 3 Files in it max, each with 3 pages at most. This is only applicable to Teams. If you want to store more files with more pages, you need to create them in your Drafts.

So if you want to add more pages to this file, you need to move it from the team to Drafts. You can move the file via drag and drop or by clicking the file name in the editor and selecting “Move to project”, then select Drafts:

Figma move file to project

I see! Well don’t I feel stupid!

So then, considering that I do need more than 3 projects (I don’t plan to delete projects after they are done), and (often) more than 3 pages in a project - then I do need a pro plan. Either that - or - see how the gitlab plugin works…

I don’t know if the gitlab plugin (1) can put an entire project into a repository? Maybe it doesn’t store it in a repoitory? And maybe it do an (entire) project but only smaller pieces like components? And (2) and perhaps most importantly - if it can take an entire project, then can the project not only be moved from figma to gitlab but from gitlab to figma as well? ← If that is the case then I can just keep one or two ’ active ’ projects in figma at a time and even if I have many more than that in existence they can be kept in gitlab and pulled down when I want to work on them. In this way I could push a project to gitlab at the end of the day’s work then pull it back down again when I’m ready to work on it again?

I really can’t afford to pay for a pro plan but I can see needing more than the limits that are allowed in the free plan. I wonder if the gitlab plugin is a viable workaround?

Can you explain why the starter plan is not enough for you? You said you need more than three files and three pages, but you can have those in Drafts, no need to delete anything, just move the files to Drafts. In our previous discussions you said you are the only editor on the team so you don’t need to upgrade to be able to invite new editors.

The only reason I see for you to upgrade is to improve the organization of your files — put them in different projects in the team. However in our previous discussions I didn’t see you using projects too much and most of your work files were in one project. So you should be fine storing them in the Drafts.

Regarding the GitLab plugin, if you read the first line of its description:

The Official GitLab plugin to seamlessly upload your designs from Figma to GitLab issues.

You will see that it’s used for project management, and not for version control. Doing the fully working version control via a Figma plugin would be an insane amount of work. I thought about making it but it would probably take so much time that Figma already improves their integrated version control.

I guess I just had it in my heart to organize my work in a certain way - files with the client name as their name, pages for everything in that. I haven’t really had a big enough project yet to need more than a few pages but I can forsee it happening easily. I don’t really want to pile the whole mess into a few pages if it should be split up and I don’t want to mix pages from different projects into drafts nor keep them there. Well, I guess I just like being organized. I’ll have to think about it but if I end up needing a more than the few pages or projects they give in the free plan I might go back to pro. It’s just taking time (and experience) with it to see what’s going on, what’s really available, and what I need.

I think you might also want to vote for this suggestion: Create Folders/Categories/Tags for files and maybe until you have more files this would already be implemented (I don’t know if there are any plans, but a lot of people want this, so I would suspect the team should at least be thinking about this already).