Variables imported with importVariableByKeyAsync always have scopes set to ['ALL_SCOPES']

Hey team! Love your work with the plugin API!

Just reporting the following issue: I batch import all the variables from my design system’s library on launch of my plugin using a combination of:

1. getAvailableLibraryVariableCollectionsAsync()
2. getVariablesInLibraryCollectionAsync()
3. importVariableByKeyAsync()

I would love to use scopes to determine which variables can be applied where. Unfortunately, every variable’s .scope property returns the array ['ALL_SCOPES'] regardless of what the variable’s actual scopes are configured to. I know the scopes are configured correctly because the variables available in the Variable Picker UI inside of the editor are constrained as I would expect, but the plugin API is consistently just returning ALL_SCOPES.

Let me know if I can provide any more info! Thanks!

Thanks for flagging, @Darragh_Burke!

We’ve shared this with our team to investigate. Are you able to provide your plugin code, a link to your file, and share it with, so they can take a closer look?

Will share the code with that email address! I can also share it here:

async function getVariables() {
  const startTime =;
  const collections: LibraryVariableCollection[] =
    await figma.teamLibrary.getAvailableLibraryVariableCollectionsAsync();
  const variables: Variable[] = [];
  const requests = [];
  const variableTasks: Promise<Variable>[] = [];
  for (const collection of collections) {
    const request = figma.teamLibrary.getVariablesInLibraryCollectionAsync(collection.key);
    request.then((result) => {
      for (const variable of result) {
        const variableImport = figma.variables.importVariableByKeyAsync(variable.key);
        variableImport.then((res) => {
  await Promise.all(requests);
  await Promise.all(variableTasks);
    `Imported ${variables.length} variables from collections: [${collections
      .map((col) =>
      .join(', ')}] in ${ - startTime}ms`
  return {

If I then print the variable scopes like follows, I’ll just get [‘ALL_SCOPES’] for every variable.

variables.forEach(variable => console.log(, variable.scopes)

Unfortunately, I can’t really share the library I’m using as it’s part of our organization’s internal design system. However, I would be happy to jump on a call or record my screen to showcase the bug.

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Thanks, admins

That’s odd - thanks for letting us know!

We’re looping in someone from the team to take a look at your code. They’ll reply here as soon as they can.