Variable modes in presentation/preview don't work properly

I have a quite big file with variable tokens set with Light and Dark modes. Everything was ok until I tested designs in a Preview/Presentation mode. Some the components and elements are showing up as still in light mode even though on the file they appear to be in dark mode.

Any ideas why? Is this a bug? Check out the screenshot attached.


Hi @JetPilot ,
Thanks for flagging this, it looks buggy to me. I see in our back end that the technical and engineering teams are investigating this issue.
Thank you for your patience in the meantime. :pray:

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Yes i noticed this as well, you can get around it by manually setting the effected components to the desired mode (e.g don’t rely on auto mode/inheritance). It seems to me that components in preview/prototype mode are not inheriting the mode from the parent frame for some reason :thinking:.

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I’m seeing a similar issue when running in the Developer “Open in Playground”.
Even components that have a specific mode set in the Main Component can show up in Playground set to the default variable mode instead of the one already selected in the component.