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Using a PDF file as an image fill for a rectangle

I have some designs that have rectangles with image fills. The image fills are food nutritional labels. Originally I used a PNG file but the text came out jaggy. I then switched using a PDF version and it looks great. However, I need to replace those today and Figma is not accepting the replacement PDF file. I’ve done several Google searches and it appears that I should have not have been able to use PDF files for image fills before? I know I did, in fact, in my resource folder, I only have the nutrition files in PDF because I deleted the PNG versions. Does anyone have any idea how to accomplish this? I’m positive I used PDF files the first time, help!


There is no way to use PDF as a fill in Figma. Moreover, there is no way to import a PDF file into Figma at all. You can convert it to a high-resolution PNG and import that.

Regarding the resource files that you deleted, if you want to download PNGs used as fills in Figma, you can do that via the Inspect tab.

Very interesting…especially since after inspection, it shows a PNG file! I must have converted it to a very high resolution PNG?

I went back and tested my barcodes, which are in the same situation. I converted a PDF version to an PNG version. The PNG converted from the PDF is much sharper than the orginial downloaded as a PNG. Is is just that it was converted at much higher resolution?

Thank you very much!

Yes, the result quality depends on the quality of the PNG you are using. You can use different online and offline tools to convert PDF to PNG at specific resolutions.

And for barcodes, for example, I would suggest you to use SVG if you wish to keep them vector and if you have them in the vector format originally (PDF, SVG, EPS, etc.).