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Usability of cursor chat

Hi hi. Great feature, super interesting! A few things:

  • What’s the thinking behind the character limit? I end up hitting the limit, then pressing enter for a new line/message (because I want to finish what i’m saying!), but then the original message disappears, so the remaining message is a just a word out of context. My colleague kept missing the first line, so it looked like I was just typing random things.
  • Seems like there needs to be some way to handle acknowledgement of chat. I don’t necessarily want the message to disappear after a given amount of time. Maybe there’s a way that users could intentionally have messages disappear. I like the keyboard shortcut to start cursor chat, maybe using the keyboard shortcut to choose when the message goes away could work. Something like that.

My 2 cents!


I agree with both of Aaron’s points, though I wouldn’t mind the disappearing nature of cursor chat messages if there was a separate / more permanent chat (such as via a side panel). The character limit in cursor chat would still be an issue though. I’m not suggesting allowing unlimited characters, but more than 50 would be good.

Totally agree here. The character limits for cursor chat drive people to just turn back to Slack for the majority of cases. Tying this to a more permanent chat would be GREAT.