Updated to iOS 17 and now I can't open Figma Mirror

I updated to iOS 17 and am now unable to open Figma Mirror. I get to the login screen, log in, but then am returned to the login screen. Ive deleted and reinstalled the app, restarted the phone.
I have tried using both my work and my personal accounts. The same thing happens with either.
Block all cookies in Safari is off.
Not sure what to try next. Can you help?


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Having the same issue. I even reset the password. Desktop works fine. Only mobile app is having the login issue.

Same for me…

Works fine with my iPhone ios 17.

IPad Pro12.9 inch (16.7.1). Figma app on iPad Pro does show the name on the Frame selected correctly.
When clicking Begin mirroring, stuck on circular loader.
When opening file in app and trying to preview, stuck on linear loader.


Same thing with me on iPhone and iPad. I am suddenly logged out and can no longer log in under iOS.

wow still the issue is not solved after 24 days… Figma/adobe ;-)… whats the issue?