Typescript compiler says node's type does not have the children attribute eventhough it does

So, every time I click a component on the screen, the node gets detected via this evenetData?.node method. I save it as a SceneNode. Later I want to access the node.children Property. The compiler however says that the node might not have that attribute, and marks it as an error. The program runs fine, however it’s quite annoying to always have 10+ errors in your file. Had anyone ever had a similar problem?

const node: SceneNode = eventData?.node;

function getAllNodes(node: SceneNode, arrayWrapper: { data: string[] }) {
		for(let i = 0; i < node.children.length; i++){
			getAllNodes(node.children[i], arrayWrapper);
		if(node.type === "TEXT") 	arrayWrapper.data.push(node.characters);
		if(node.type === "VECTOR")	arrayWrapper.data.push(node.parent.name);

Check out this explanation: Get all nodes that are red - #4 by Gleb

Thank you, but I already tried that. That solution works fine for “children” in node, but for some reason it does not work for node.parent.name. I mean, I can check if parent in node, but the squiggly lines stay

EDIT: I figured it out. you have to check

if(node.parent) {
    if("name" in node.parent){