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Tracking Views or Usage of My Prototypes

Hi, my organization nees the ability to track the usage of one or several prototypes and to be able to measure the accessibility and overal use, some kind of detailed analytics. We need to be able to see visitors per prototype and a history, date/time, visitor or guest, total number of visits etc. I know Invision had this feature Analitycs Dashboard were you could track all this. I’ m wondering if something similar is availabe in Figma. Maybe is already available somewhere, if yes, can you give me some hints on how to get there? Maybe a plug in available?

Thank you

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Try Preely.

They have a plugin on Figma. You can export the prototype to Preely and test it over there!

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+1 to this! It would reduce the need for more (expensive) tools in our workflow, and would make user testing a breeze. It’s also important for us to keep prototypes secure (no plugins) for confidentiality reasons so having analytics inside Figma would be amazing.