To create a responsive autolayout row

Let me ask you a thing and see if any of you guys have a workaround.

Let’s imagine i have a row of elements set into an autolayout frame with an space between elements of 16px. Let’s call this frame: Frame 1

Now i insert Frame 1 into Frame 2, which is another autolayout frame.

I set Frame 1 to fill horizontally.

Now i shrink horizontally Frame 2 until the frame is smaller than the row of icons.

Now the question:
Is it possible (without the use of plugins) to set this contraption in a way that Frame 1 generates a new row of icons containing only those that reached the border of the frame?
MOre or less like the text boxes behave, but with autolayout frames and objects inside.

I swear some time ago i seen a workaround about this, but cannot find it.
I am searching all over the web and no answer found. all i see is only basic auytolayout configuration.

Many thanks in advance