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Switch to Enable / Disable the interactive components per instance

I am working on a Design System and now I am adopting the interactive components. They look promising, but there is one feature that is missing.

I was so excited and started adding interactions to all the bread and butter controls - buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, switches, lists…etc., but then I figured out that usually, the prototypes are representing a few use-cases and not all controls are clickable. So I was wondering whether there is a plan to add a switch on the component level that enables or disables the interactiveness.


That will be a great feature – It will be extremely helpful if we can turn OFF all interactions inside components. This way if we create a prototype we will not make users think there is any interactivity where there is none – (simple example) a button that has an overlay. But at the same time we will have one library with both interactive and non-interactive components.


I do agree wit this sooooo much!

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Hey guys!
There is a way to disable unwanted interactions. Simply right click the group which you want to disable the interactions for and click on “Remove interactions”.
In my case in the attached image I use this approach to remove interactions on everything that exists under the pop up that is currently on the screen.