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Hi All, we currently use the swap library feature for our styles. We were wondering tho if there is going to be support for swapping variables in the future as well? I know that Figma is currently working on extended collections, but the current omission of swapping variables based on a different library seems a bit weird


Hi @Jayce_Yard ,
Thank you for your feedback. Not at this moment, but we will let know our team for consideration.

I switched the topic as “Share an idea” so we can gauge the overall interest in the community.

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Not sure if this is a bug or feature :sweat_smile:

However, I was planning on using Library Swap to switch between style libraries. Noticed after I updated my main styles library to use variables and updated my components to use those color variables, the Library Swap did not change the colors but only colors still using styles were changed.

If this is a bug, would greatly appreciate the update and if it’s a feature would be another reason why someone might want to continue using color styles in their files.

Obviously could still use color variables as your source of truth and connect all color styles, so you only have to update the variables across the file. But still have to continue using color styles in your components.


Agreed! I was really hoping to see variables supported in library swap.


Same wish here - library swap without variable swap does not make sense and has costed me hours of work to reconnect the variables. What’s more and really annoying - my file uses obiously still variables of the old library (Used variables in the screeshot), but I can’t find out, where they are and how I could get rid of them. Even when I deleted all elements in the file, they appear in the mode switcher.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-06 um 08.42.07


there is a workaround for colors, you can use style that point to variables. This can easily be done and style can be generated from variables by plugins.
However if you are using variables for dimensions I haven’t found a workaround and it would make a lot of sense for the swap library feature to integrate variables too. Let us know if its going to be part of future releases or if its worth investing in building a plugin


But it doesnt work if I’m consuming a style library from a brand and a component from a design system, right? If it does, let’s discuss it!

I guess the ideal think would be that color variables applied to a component would be swapped, just as the text styles are, also local color styles


Still a wondering how this wasn’t included in the initial release. The variable collections per library even show up when attempting to swap a library :man_shrugging:


Can’t believe this features was not included in this release. This makes the new variable feature pointless for agencies. Working your design system from ground up for every project big or small is time consuming and not profitable.
Can you please add this feature to the library swap function. You will help a lot of businesses.

Or can somebody create a plugin to do this swap function?

Thank you!


To me, this also feels much more like a bug than a missing feature. You can push variables along with your library, but you cannot swap them with the swap function. I really hope they work on this soon because, like Sanny says, this is really a big failure for agencies to effectively work with these variables.


I wrote directly to support about it (I love how fast they respond!) and also linked to this thread here - that was the response to that:

…swapping the variables themselves is not possible at this time using the swap feature, but is something that is being considered further and I can submit this as a feature request from you also, to our Product Team.

Hopefully they actually get the problem under control quickly.

(Still, keep in mind that variables are “only” an open beta feature for now).

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This feature is essential


Variables should not have been released to production without this feature.


The swap libraries feature does not support variables. This breaks many workflows for people that use variables.


Also hoping this will be changed! We rely heavily on the Swap Library feature and have embraced variables. Current implementation it feels counter intuitive and opaque to us.

After discovering this behaviour, we have been forced to backtrack and revert applied variables to styles.


I think we should swap variables from one external to another, or local variants like swapping styles.

I’ve also encountered the same problem as others stated above. But we are already way too deep into variables to backtrack now.


I join you in supporting the idea that it should be possible to swap variables, as is the case for styles.