Swap overlay interaction not working

I cannot get swap overlay to work, it won’t swap the frame I want to replace - instead it seems to navigate to that frame, so the background just goes black.

Any help much appreciated!

Test prototype

Swap overlays allows you to swap an existing opened overlay for another. In your example, flow 1 does not have an overlay opened prior to trying to swap the overlay with another one. Flow 2 has a overlay opened and then swapped between another overlay.

You can read more here about how to work and swap between overlays

Thanks Ryan - I think I need to use a different method here.

What I’m actually looking to do is to have a modal on screen, then on click, the modal minimises. It can then be maximised again.

Perhaps I just need to navigate between 2 frames (screens), rather than trying to make use of an overlay interaction.

Sounds like a job for a normal component with two variants; one for each modal state.

@Avokadomos yes, you’re right - that’s it. Not sure why my brain wasn’t working that way, but exactly what I need to do :sweat_smile: Thanks!

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