Support Auto Layout in Interactive Components

This would be such a HUGE benefit to prototypes. And YES DS components behaving this way would be much easier to illustrate to stakeholders!

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I´m using interactive elements, as it reminds me another prototyping tool that had a similar feature.
But I´m missing a feature. Pushing objects and components when changing the variant on the go.
It works when editing perfectly, pushing everything around. But when presenting the prototype the new variant overlaps the other elements.

If you could fix this it would improve immensely the possibilities.

nikolasklein just want to say that this is so crucial for my team as well, glad to see it’s being worked on! We have a lot of form fields and accordions that need to expand and collapse in our prototypes.

Hi guys,
Same problem here and we need to have a solution as soon as possible. I think - this is a very crucial problem and would make figma more attractive for developers.

Could someone provide an update of the status of this feature??

Best Regards from Germany


Bumping because I am OP… :stuck_out_tongue:


Diving into Figma and very intuitively expected auto-layout behavior in preview mode and was surprised to learn here that it’s not yet an active function! The great thing is that I set up my components and auto-layout rules correctly without needing any documentation, so thank you Figma for a great UX here. Now it’s just about getting that feature unlocked in preview mode at some point.


Any update on a release date? IC has been in beta for 6 months now :pleading_face:


@Figma @anon21722796 You got me interested then disappeared. Stop ghosting me.

+1 I have been pulling my hair out with this one. Finally gave up to report the issue and see this thread.

It seems like building interactive component accordions in a prototype is what brought many of us here.

As a random thought. Most of the time, “everything is a list” and usually I want to modify a state of a component IE) card/list/animation grow. This could also be considered a “transition” to another state of the component.

Usually I don’t want to proceed to the next “page/artboard/screen” until I’ve finished X number of tasks on that “page/artboard/screen”. The nice thing in Figma is I can have multiple on one page and multiple on one target.

The missing piece is that it doesn’t change the page appropriately as we’ve all commented now, the natural flow is that I want to complete X actions/transitions per page, before establishing the move to the next major artboard/screen.

This could indeed be a tab on top of a screen, on top of a already transitioned menu, so you’re basically 3-4 “actions/transitions” deep, before the demo task is setup/completed and I want to trigger onto the next screen.

The upside here is that, if you had a user flow with like say 15-20 screens, you could easily bring that down to 5-10 no problem. The only thing to watch, is that it doesn’t get difficult for others to understand what animations/transitions are happening, IE) things are set to 0% opacity and aren’t showing, things have a radius set, and all the other tricks that are used to create the desired effect. it needs to very easily understandable and easily visible to someone who didn’t make it.

I didn’t even start any personal projects because I’m lazy, and state changes of components like this, will save a solid 30-40% of screens in a user flow.

+1 Support for auto layout with interactive components is essential. Hope to see this soon (or at least get an update).

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+1 I’d love to see this feature in the prototype view.

I also need this feature so desperately! This is so essential and would save so much prototyping time and effort.

Figma, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! :pray: :pleading_face:


Kind of expected auto layout to work…
Any news on a (expected) release date?

Hi! Just want to say that this feature is urgent for many of our designers. We are over 70 designers working with prototyping for user testing every week.

I hope you will get this working as soon as possible.

Whats the expected time frame for Auto Layout to work with interactive components in playback ???

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Thought I was doing something wrong, appears I’m not. Searched high and low for solutions, other than making an individual version of the menu sidebar of every instance.

Hey All,

Auto-layout is now fully supported in interactive components! Read all about the recent changes here: