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Stuck on 'System Improvements: File Optimizations'

I need to update from main file before merging changes. However, in the process of updating main file, it says a change is “System Improvements: File Optimizations”. Not sure what that is (there is no description provided), but I hit “Apply changes” anyway. Nothing happens. Now I can’t merge my changes since I apparently still need to update those system improvements from the main file.

Hi Carolyn!

Engineer on branching here. I’ll start a private conversation and ask for some more information! Thank you for your patience while we investigate.

Is there any update regarding this? I am experiencing the same issue - there is a constant message that there were changes to master file and every time I update (File optimization stuff), it appears again and again.


Hi Dawid,

Are you able to merge your branch without being blocked? In other words, immediately after accepting the update from main, is the option to “Update from main” greyed out or not? Are there other people simultaneously working on the main file?

I’m sorry if the notification is too frequent, but it should indicate that there is an actual system change that you must accept.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience!

Hi Alex,
I am able to merge the branch without being blocked. After accepting updates from main, the option “Update from main” is not greyed out - it is still available, I can do this update from main over and over, or I can simply merge to master if I ignore information about changes from master.
I had this message in both scenarios when people were and weren’t working on the file. That’s why it seems weird to me - I understand that sometimes it is necessary to show file optimization changes, but in my case, it happens too often and even when no one but me is working on a single branch.


That is definitely a bug. Following up with you privately to learn more!

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I seem to be experiencing the same error when trying to “Update from Main”. Was there a way around the “system improvements” error?

Hi everyone,

We believe the issue was due to the UI incorrectly enabling “Updating from main.” We recently merged a fix which should correctly disallow you from “Updating from main,” if there are indeed no updates available.

If the issue persists, please try refreshing or making edits to the source file. If you believe that there should be updates available from the source file, but the modal is displaying no other visible changes, please let us know.

Thank you for your patience everyone!

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