Stacked layers not scrollable

I’m creating a Contacts page with two panes a results pane and a selection pane. In the selection pane, I have several contacts created that are stacked (same width and height and the same X/Y locations). Only the contact that is “on top” or first or last in the stack of layers depending on the auto layout configuration is scrollable. However other interactions work without issue.

In testing the issue, I’ve tried with variables and by manually hiding the layers and the issue continues. Why would a hidden layer impact the scroll functionality of a layer beneath it, it’s hidden? Is there a solution?

Each contact layer in the selections pane has two sections a header and a body. This isn’t an issue if I hide all body layers except the layer I want to display. Luckily with Local Variables, this can be easily accomplished with on-click actions. So it looks like there is a bug in which child layers aren’t considered hidden if the parent layer is hidden and that blocks the scroll functionality of the non-hidden layer below other layers.

Hey there,

It sounds like a complicated issue! I’m trying to replicate the issue but if feels an unexpected behavior, could you file a bug report?