Specification/note for a component variant?


Some of the components in my design system have many variants. A design system consumer might get overwhelmed. She/he has to select a component variant and see the configuration options in the right panel to understand what a single variant stands for. This needs to be more intuitive. I had a separate Figma file, a sort of style guide, where I used to place some component instances and describe them, but I don’t want that redundancy any more. It was redundant, but much easier to place some text around the instances. Now, the variants appear as a bunch, so you can only place notes around that bunch.

Look at this. No space to put any note, comment, title…

How can I make my component variants more understandable at first sight? Any idea?


Hey Davor, thank you for reaching out! There is a Plugin that might help you out. It’s called “Variant Organiser” and it automatically arranges variants in a grid and creates property labels. Here is the Plugin: https://www.figma.com/community/plugin/1047796251364453654. Also there is a YouTube video where they explain how to use this Plugin.