*SOLVED!* Overlays and multiple issues with them *SOLVED!*


I am having a bunch of strange behavior from my overlays and I can NOT figure out what I’m doing wrong in trying to employ them.

I had one overlay that I had a ‘back’ button for, that was set to ‘on tap - close overlay’. Instead of CLOSING the overlay and returning the prior screen to full brightness, it would close the overlay and return to the PREVIOUS screen to the one that launched it. I tried this with several main flow screens that all called the same overlay, and it would regress (from C to B, or B to A, or C to A depending on my click path) instead of simply closing the overlay. Can anyone explain why or how to fix this?

Currently, I have one that I call from my landing page. It’s my hamburger menu. From there, it navigates to a radio player, that has a settings panel you can access. This settings panel is an overlay. But when I click the button that is supposed to call the settings overlay, it goes ‘back’ one page, from the radio player to whatever I was on before the radio.

Incidentally, on that same radio player, I have a cluster of buttons (controls like pause, volume, etc.) and despite having NEVER set them to any interaction, they do the same “back” function.

Can anybody tell me what the heck is going on here? I can provide a link to the prototype if that would help.


I’ve used a single overlay for an entire experience and have not had these issues. Be sure you don’t have any interactions on elements inside components that you’re not recalling. Hard to know without seeing anything.

Also be sure you don’t have an unintended mix of “Back” and “Close overlay” because “Back” will close it and go back one.

As in, no “back” buttons throughout the app? Or just on the button(s) in question?

Initially, I HAD a back-close combination, I found, but I’ve since used the “remove all” on the interactions (gahd, did that hurt to start from scratch). There are zero unintended links, or links I do not know of at this point.

That is a link to the prototype ‘play’ mode. If you go hamburger-radio, then on radio click the gear in the lower right, it inexplicably takes you back to the landing page instead of the settings for the radio.

I’ve included a link below to an imgur image I uploaded showing the interactions between the two panels and I cannot see anything that would explain this behavior. Thanks again for any help (IraX, and anyone else who may know what I’ve got to do to fix this)!


I have used NO back buttons. I’ve trashed everything and started over. For some inexplicable reason on a completely NEW copy of the tiles in which I deleted ALL interactions, this ‘gear’ button on the Radio goes HOME instead of to the designated overlay. It’s reproducible - I’ve redone this at least a dozen times and the settings button for the ‘pirate radio’ is the ONLY button that won’t pull it’s overlay. It goes HOME instead, which makes no sense. I have zero ‘back’ buttons and only one button in the hamburger menu that goes ‘home’. What gives?? This has totally stonewalled me against moving further in the courses and as far as I can tell, it’s a glitch in Figma, nothing to do with what I’ve done.

Hey There Brad.

I was just exploring the forum and I saw this post.

There is a tag for each post so you can mark it as SOLVED instead of renaming or editing the post. under the solution, there is a three-dot button, press it, and a check-mark Icon will appear. click it and mark the reply that solved your problem as “solution”.

Good luck!

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