Small UI irritations, just some thoughts

Hey, I’m newish to using Figma, and I ran into some issues using it. Little things that I found kinda clunky. For reference, I use the MacOS version on desktop.

Things I wonder while using Figma:

  • Why are projects and teams listed in the same section, at the same level of hierarchy? Shouldn’t projects be listed UNDER the team they’re a part of?
  • Why do you have two different buttons at the top of the screen that take you to the Community view? And why are they labeled differently?
  • Why do some of the Favorites buttons just… not work sometimes, requiring you to reload the tabs?
  • Why do Recents and Drafts look almost identical, if they’re supposed to be different?
  • Why is it called Drafts anyway? How do you “publish” a project? How do you mark it “complete”?
  • Why can’t I rename a project from the File or Edit menus?
  • Why is there no in-app feedback button?
  • Why are teams you have view-only access to not listed in the “move to…” popup? Why not list them, but as “view only”?

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