Show Font Weight in Inspect panel

Hi, I’m currently facing the same problem as OP, especially after the introduction of Dev mode.

This is really frustrating to deal with as it slows down development and creating style sheets that specify every detail of each text style is time-consuming :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rage: :rage: :rage:


This has been a pain in the b**t since we started working with Figma two years ago.
Automatic detection of font-weights might be prone to errors to begin with since many fonts might not have corresponding font-weight numbers embedded? Figma how about you give designers the ability to define corresponding font-weights manually that show up in Dev-Mode / inspect panel?

It’s been two years already, and we really need this to be fixed! @Figma_Support

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Same issue here! :confused:

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Bumping because seems like with the introduction of Dev mode the Table View was removed. :upside_down_face: So this workaround no longer works.

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We always show font-style, line-height, and font-weight in code snippets.
Dev Mode fast follows: 200+ new features and fixes | Figma Blog.

You can inspect values not only through code snippets, but also as Figma properties.
Dev Mode fast follows: 200+ new features and fixes | Figma Blog.

Thanks for the heads up! Personally this didn’t do what I needed it to (attached is what I expected, and how I told my devs to look for correct font-weight in the past), but in all fairness we probably need to look into how our font files are set up in the code. :sweat_smile:

Not sure if anyone ever actually reported this as a “bug” instead of an idea - but I just did and I hope it will maybe be fixed after 2 years because it’s causing issues for us as well.


2024, post Dev Mode becoming a paid product, this issue still persists. Has anyone found a workaround like before (table view that disappeared) that somehow is solved in Dev Mode? Or some other workaround?

Thanks for your feedback, Lea. The team is looking into this now!


This is an issue for our company as well where Adobe Creative Cloud fonts are not displaying the correct font weight in dev mode.

Our only option to combat this is to put the correct font weight into the name of the element as well as documenting the issue. The issue is we are instructing our developers to use dev mode, but also telling them to ignore/replace some of the code in dev mode… this is not ideal.

@Rogie_King I know you said the team is looking into this issue so any update would be helpful.


Also receiving this issue! :cry:

Same issue for our large, multi-brand Design System: font-weight for our Book styles is shown as 450 in Dev Mode although it actually is 400. This creates confusion and leads to wrong implementations.

@Rogie_King Thanks for working on fixing this bug, feel free to get in touch for testing / more info.