Sharing specific pages

Is there a way to share a link with a client that only gives them viewing access to a specific page as supposed to being able to view the entire project?


Not at this moment but we will pass along to our team for consideration! Others in the community have requested something similar. Feel free to vote up so we can gauge the overall interest in the community here: Giving unique access to specific pages

(Tips: The best workaround right now will be to separate out the information you want to share to a separate file and only share that.)

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Please +1 for me. I would love to have this feature.

+++ Really need this, add this basic feature?

I am so surprised that it still doesn’t exist.

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So am I. It’s ridiculous. It’s completely natural to have some testing things you don’t want to share with everyone.

Figma has so many well executed features that Adobe XD never got, but that one at the very least had an option to share only specific things. With how much Figma can do, it’s baffling to still see certain sections that are seemingly in it’s infancy.