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Sharing select frames on a page

I am trying to recreate what I could do in Sketch/InVision. Where I would submit screens to InVision, from there I could select a group of pages for a particular request and get a link where the viewer would only be able to view those selected pages, and not have to see all the others.

In Figma, let’s say I have 30 frames on a single page, I have a design solution that is shown on just 5 of those frames. I would like a way to select those 5 frames and share a link where the viewer (PO or Dev) only sees those 5 frames and not the other 25.

The only solution I have come across is by making those 5 frames at the top of the hierarchy so when sharing prototype view its the first screens seen. BUT that doesn’t have the inspect features when I do that.

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