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Sharing analytics via API or embed code?

Are there any plans to allow access to Figma analytics data via the Figma API, or allow analytics info to be embedded into another web app for easier sharing?

Yes, the Figma team wants to add plugin analytics and error reporting. It is written about it here: What's Supported · Figma Developers

A couple of days ago I did a test: since the Figma Analytics panel is nothing more than a “web view”, you can see in the network panel of the Figma App console the http requests.
There is a specific URL that can be called:[COMPONENT_KEY]/file_usage?org_id=[ORGANIZATION_KEY]&fv=4 and as returns a JSON response (as soon as you are logged in) with the data that you would see in the analytics panel for the corresponding row of that component.
I want to test next week if, for example, it can be called within a plugin (maybe in that case the user is already authenticated?) or via Node script (to be integrated with other Figma API calls). What I want to check if authenticating via API token works for this URL.

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