Separating a path in Figma

I am trying to delete the top part of the cart so it’s basically an open cart so I can put a text box showing a number in it. But no matter when I delete the top line it deletes the entire outside and inverts the color and when I delete the bottom line it fills it all in with color and when I try to delete both the bottom and top lines it deletes the entire vector. How do I just get rid of that part?

Hey @figgyx, thanks for reaching out!

Right now, because of how it is expanded/was created, there are overlapping points. If it were its original “stroked” lines, this would be simple. But to do it in this state, you’ll need to clean up some of those points/its path first, before removing it.

Another alternative would be to use the subtract boolean operation with another shape that overlaps the area you want to remove.