Selling my designs

Hello, I have created some designs that I want to sell. I have them on my instagram and been asked already if I can sell.

I would like to but I have no idea how I would do it.

I created an illustration of my friends wedding of the bride and groom and they have asked if they can blow it up to put on the wall. I have no idea how I would do this without It going very pixelated.

I would quite like to start this as a business on the side if I can figure out how to convert my illustrations into some sort of vector so it can be blown up without pixelated issues.

Thanks you. x

Hello @Stephen_Harris ,

What is the name of the application you use to create your illustration?

It sound like your should go for at vector-format like SVG.
Figma supports this for both import and export.


Hi Jan, thanks for responding. I’m simply using the tools in Figma. Within my designs I have a lot of individual vectors so I’m not sure whether that would also be an issue. Are you saying that If I download my designs in an SVG format, they should be ok to blow up in size?

Hi @Stephen_Harris ,

No problem, happy to help out.

Yes, take a look at this example I made for you:

it all depends if you are keeping the scale in your illustrations. You want to use the “scale” tool (option 2) in my file.

Take a look at it and see if it makes sense

Wow Jan,

Thank you so much for spending time to create this for me. I think I understand the concept behind what you are trying to say.

My illustrations tend to be quite complex consisting of around 100+ separate vectors. Would I therefore need to independently make sure I correctly scale every single vectors properties, stroke and drop shadow?

This will probably make me sound stupid, but how would I know what to scale everything to? Is this something I would need to work out?

Thank you agin for your time and effort. greatly appreciated.


No problem @Stephen_Harris No stupid questions here :slight_smile:

First of all: you need to put all of your vector-objects inside a frame, so if you scale the frame, all the objects inside and their properties will scale with it.

When exporting your design for sale you would want to make sure that the digital format that “comes out of Figma” is NOT SVG. Go with JPG/PNG, otherwise it can easily be copied/modified by others.
Again:use a frame, it makes exporting so easy.

regarding size: there are some redefined formats templates build into Figma, press the frame tool

… and you will get some formats to get you started


Thank you Jan.

Again, your effort and advice is greatly appreciated.